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Therapeutic Options

What's best for you

Investing in yourself

If you want to work through issues that are affecting your life, or simply gain ongoing support for yourself, then holistic psychotherapy is the best option. Psychotherapy can last from three months to a year or more and provides you tools and skills to gain insight into yourself and provide you with support for your life and your well-being.

PRICE: £60 per session

Beach Meditation


Working something out

Sometimes there is something specific that we need to work out and we need that extra professional counselling support. 

Short-term psychotherapeutic counselling can help you to gain clarity and understanding so you can move through what you are facing.

You don't have to go through it alone!

PRICE: £60 for 3-6 sessions


Enjoying Nature

Immediate Counselling

If you need to speak to someone for immediate support

If you need to speak to someone now, I am available for immediate one-off counselling support

Contact me now. 

PRICE: £60

Nature Photographer
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