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Inspirational quotes

Love Yourself First

Trauma doesn't have to be a life sentence

Self-Compassion is the foundation for Healing

You have to safely
feel it, to heal it!

Learn to safely retreat rather than dissociate

Water the
Seeds of Joy!

Trauma thrives in isolation

Resistance is 80% of suffering

Trauma requires an holistic approach 
to healing and recovery

It's NOT
your fault!

Feed Your Demons as though they are your friends

Trauma recover needs healthy connection

If you're feeling impatient... have a cup tea

Make friends with all aspects of yourself, that's how we can reverse feeling fragmented

Encourage an
Attitude of G
Name 5 things every day to be 
grateful for 

The past doesn't have to define the future

In trauma we get 
frozen in time

You're so much more than your trauma

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