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What to expect

Your first session will be an opportunity for us to meet each other. It's a confidential safe space for you to express what's going on for you, and for me to explore with you how I can best help. I will tell you about how I work, answer your questions and we can decide how best to take the sessions forward.

Weekly sessions tend to work well for people, but we can explore less or more frequent session if that is more suitable, or that the frequency of session may change during the therapeutic process. 

It's normal to feel anxious when you first attend counselling or psychotherapy. My aim is to help you to feel confident and at ease.

The therapeutic space is a non-judgemental space for you to be yourself.


'The therapeutic space is a safe cocoon
for the remarkable process of transformation.'

An Ethical Practice


I work to the ethical standards and guidelines of the 

National Counselling Society (NCS) of which I am an accredited member. 

Having an ethical counselling practice includes working with a clinical supervisor who is there to support my practice. She will know of my clients only on first name basis. 


Welcoming Diversity

I have an inclusive practice and welcome and value people from all walks of life, class, race, ethnicity, physical ability, sexuality, gender identity, age and religious beliefs. 

Data Protection

I work in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018. 



  • £65 for each 1-hour session.

  • I offer concessions, so get let me know if you need a reduced rate. 

  • If you would like to speak to me on the phone, get in touch with me via the contact page, or email me, and I'll call you back.


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