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Trauma Therapy

Depression & Anxiety
Depression & Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are symptoms, a red

flag if you like, of something that is trying to

get your attention. 

My approach can help you to manage these symptoms better on a day-to-day basis, whilst at the same time help you to understand and attend to what is being communicated at a deeper level.


Once you gain better day-to-day management, and understand the reason for anxiety and depression, you can attend to the deeper need and gain power over your symptoms. When attended to in this way, anxiety and depression no longer takes hold.

Trauma and PTSD
Childhood Trauma & PTSD

                                                   So many of our issues stem from childhood

                                                   and past traumas in adulthood. 

                                                   When you are ready, trauma safely buried                                                     in your subconscious from will resurface in                                                       an attempt to find resolution and healing

Although initially this can feel confusing and frightening, it is ultimately a healthy response because the opportunity to heal is profound. 

My work includes supporting you to gain awareness and understanding of what is arising in you, help you work with childhood attachment tendencies, identify your triggers, change your present behaviours and discover your authentic self, so you can free yourself and your future.

Emotional Regulation
Emotional Regulation

Trauma is not just psychological, but neurological

and held in memory of the body as a present life

experience, because trauma in the body does not

know time.


Developing body awareness and emotional regulation will help to give release and healing to your nervous system, supporting you to gain authority of your body, emotions and your mind, enabling you to change your neurological pathways.

Life & Spiritual Crises'
Life & Spiritual Crises'

                                             Life will bring situations to us that force us out of

                                             our comfort zone or cause a breakdown of the life

                                             we have been living.

                                             All is not lost and there is a way through.

                                             There is life after a crises, even if it doesn't feel

                                             that way at the time.

My holistic approach is tailored to you and your specific situation. It can support you to navigate your way through what life has presented you with, increase self-awareness, integrate splintered aspects of yourself, and encourage self-discovery and self-sovereignty. 


Relationships are fundamental to our life in so

many ways, and healthy and fulfilling

relationships are fundamental to a happy life. 


But relationships have the power to push our buttons more than anything else. We can enter into relationships with unconscious outgrown conditioning from the past and find ourselves dealing with issues such as insecure attachments, separation anxiety, codependency, anger, abuse, stress, intimacy and communication problems

My approach supports you gain perspective, understand you and your loved one better, reconnect with your tender heart, become aware of and release codependent and self-defeating behaviours, and improve communication.  


                                               Life is a process of self-discovery. Feeling lost

                                               on your path, disillusioned, not knowing                                                      your purpose, feeling stuck or like something                                                is missing in your life, are all valuable         turning points that can redirect you to a more fulfilling life.

My approach helps you to become aware of subconscious behaviours and fears, and make safe and considered changes and decisions that are for your highest good and wellbeing. 


Having support at challenging times is an invaluable and profound gift to yourself.

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